About Linden

I’ve made my living as a writer for thirty years. I’m the pen behind more than a dozen books, including two national bestsellers. When writing Julia “Butterfly” Hill’s The Legacy of Luna, which chronicles Hill’s extraordinary two-year tree-sit to save a 200-foot redwood tree named Luna, I climbed up to Luna’s 100-foot platform to get a firsthand taste of the tree-sitting experience.  Did I mention I'm scared of heights?


In addition to writing bestsellers, I've also helped other bestselling writers as both an editor and a writing coach.

I grew up wanting to teach and write. Not very original, since my mother was a teacher and my father the Latin American, European and eventually West Coast Editor for LOOK magazine. But heartfelt. Accordingly, I did student teaching during my years at the University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated with a B.A. in Literature – Creative Writing. Then I moved to a small California ski resort where I took a job as a teaching assistant in a one-room school house. For two years, I worked with kids who ranged from Kindergarten to eighth grade on reading and writing.


School politics and the end of a relationship drove me back to writing. I landed in New York at the Ladies’ Home Journal where, as assistant editor and then associate editor, I wrote the monthly travel column (freelance travel articles would follow in subsequent years), edited and wrote feature stories, and trained and oversaw interns handling fact checking. Three years later, having had my fill of the Big Apple, I scurried back to the West Coast to take a job as Special Features Editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine. The position would give me my first taste of working as a writing coach and working with celebrities. The writing coach work would become decidedly easier when I launched that part of my business some years later to a less famous clientele.


A move to Bend, Oregon in 2006 brought community on the personal front and a new name and tag line for my business. Through my One Stop Writing Shop LLC, I write whatever people need or help them do it as either a writing coach, an editor, a ghostwriter or all three.  

Now, I'm bringing things full circle by incorporating travel writing into my writing coach services. And since I still remember how hard it was to get that first published clip, I've created Travels with Linden, a website where first-timers can amass those initial bylines.

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