Get Your Travel Writing Published!

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Get Your Travel Writing Published!

Do you dream of being a travel writer? That’s easier said than done when it comes to honing your craft—to say nothing of securing that first byline.

If you’ve always wanted to become a published travel writer, these challenges may have already clobbered you. But the past does not have to dictate the future, as long as you don’t keep doing what hasn’t worked.

Welcome to, founded and run by Linden Gross—a two-time New York Times bestselling writer and writing coach to other bestselling writers. From coming up with a winning story angle or hook to polishing your work, Linden will help you move from amateur to professional.

The former travel editor for the Ladies’ Home Journal (part of her associate editor position), special features editor for the Los Angeles Times Magazine and long-time national magazine freelancer draws on her background in writing, editing and teaching when working with travel writers.

During your travel writing coach sessions, you’ll learn how to:



  • Develop your writing voice.

  • Find the story angles that will make your articles stand out.

  • Develop snappy leads that hook the reader.

  • Show rather than tell your story.

  • Introduce people and dialogue into your articles.

  • Add evocative, you-are-there detail.



We’ll delve into:

  • The importance of keeping a journal while traveling.

  • The difference between a travel log and travel writing.

  • Crafting a story based on where you hope to place it.

  • Side-stepping writer’s block by controlling your inner critic.

  • Powering-up your language.

  • Editing your prose even after you’ve fallen in love with it.

Once you’ve nailed your writing and have a piece that works, Linden will help you pitch it. If you don’t manage to place it (because not everything sells no matter how good it may be), Linden will feature your writing (and possibly even your photography) on her Travels with Linden & Friends website. So instead of still trying to secure that first byline, you’ll have a great-looking online article to show travel prospects down the line.  

The Travel Writing Coach Solution

You don’t have to suffer through the process of writing and then trying to market travel stories by yourself.

More to the point, you don’t have to suffer at all.

With Linden as your travel writing coach, you’ll see how much easier, effective and more fun the process of travel writing becomes.

To find out how Linden can help, just shoot

her an email ( and

ask for a free phone consultation.

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